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High Quality Tubes & Pipes for Shipbuilding, Power Generation, Desalination, Offshore

Manufactured in South Korea, our copper and copper alloy pipes and tubes are used for residential plumbing and industrial applications such as the energy, petrochemical, naval, building, and construction, equipment manufacturing, and water treatment industries.


Available in various thicknesses and diameters, the copper and copper alloy pipes and tubes we offer meet the highest expectations of our global clients. We have supplied our copper and copper alloy pipes and tubes to Exxon Mobil, Chevron/Texaco, Total, BP, Shell, Qatar Power Q.S.C., and MEW.


Backed by extensive experience and advanced technology, we provide quick delivery, high quality, and competitive prices.

Copper Pipes and Tubes

Copper Pipe & Tube Manufacturer | Petrochemical, Plants, Offshore

We manufacture a wide range of copper pipes and tubes that are used in an array of applications, such as shipbuildingheat exchangers, desalination plantspetrochemistry equipmentnaval, and offshore projects.


We are dedicated to building long-lasting relationships with our clients, who represent major corporations all over the globe. Our domestic and international clients include Hyundai Heavy Industry, Samsung Heavy Industry, Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine, Le Bronze Industrial, SH Marine, Sitindustrie, and Fluor.


Moreover, our high quality copper and copper alloy pipes and tubes have been used by major clients in England, France, Singapore, India, Bahrain, Kuwait, UAE, Japan, Brazil, Taiwan, Australia, Italy, Thailand, China, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

Copper Alloy Pipe and Tube | Certifications

Our copper and copper alloy pipes and tubes are inspected to meet the requirements of numerous international certification bodies. We hold multiple product quality and safety certificates, including ISO 9001 quality system certificate, ABS (Design Assessment, Manufacturing Approval), Bureau Veritas (BV), Det Norske Veritas (DNV), Germanischer Lloyd (GL), Lloyd’s Register (LR), RINA, and Korea Register (KR).

Copper & Copper Alloy Pipe and Tube Products Specifications

We offer a wide selection of high quality copper and copper alloy products.

Copper and Copper Alloy Product Range | Applications

ProductAlloy No.Application
Copper Nickel Alloy
Cu-Ni 90/10 tubeC7060TShipbuilding, heat exchangers, heating coils, desalination plants, petrochemistry equipment, offshore projects
Cu-Ni 70/30 tubeC7150T
Admiralty tube C4430T
Al–brass tube C6870T
Brass tube C2600T
Copper tube C1220TShipbuilding piping, heat exchangers, oil and gas lines, engine oil piping
Copper tube C1100T
Copper pancakeCoil

Manufacturing Capabilities | Copper & Copper Alloy Pipe and Tube

ProductAlloy No. Max. Outside Diameter (mm) Min. Outside Diameter (mm) Max. Wall Thickness (mm) Min. Wall Thickness (mm) Length (mm)
Cu-Ni 90/10 tubeC7060323.96140.523
Cu-Ni 70/30 tubeC7150 88.97.7251.223
Admiralty brass tube C4430 1106100.523
Al-brass tubeC6870 1106100.523
C6871 1106100.523
C6872 1106100.523
Brass tube C2600 1103100.223
C2700 1103100.223
Copper tube C1100 2193150.423
C1201 2193150.423
C1220 2193150.423

Copper and Copper Alloy Tube & Pipe | Key Applications

Our copper and copper alloy tubes are used in various industries such as Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Shipbuilding, and Power Generation. Common products made with our copper tubes include heat exchangers, heating coils, desalination modules and other process skids.

Copper Tube Offshore
Copper Tube Oil and Gas
Copper Tube EPC
Copper Tube Petrochemical

High Quality Copper & Copper Alloy | Product Characteristics

Our copper and copper alloy pipes and tubes have high corrosion resistance, high mechanical strength, excellent thermal conductivity, and are easy to bend. Our copper products’ good formability allows trouble-free installation and maintenance.


All of our copper and copper alloy pipes and tubes are produced using advanced manufacturing techniques and in accordance to the most demanding specifications. To ensure long-lasting quality of our copper products, we manufacture our copper pipes and tubes using high-grade raw materials from South Korea, Europe, and China. Our copper and copper alloy pipes and tubes meet applicable EEMUA 114, JIS H 3300, ANSI / ASTM B-36.19M standards.

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