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Precision Machined Turbine Components for Turbomachinery in the Power Generation, Oil & Gas, Aerospace, Marine, and Defense Industries

Our turbine components, compressors components, and pump components are manufactured in South Korea in three sister facilities with ISO9001, TS16949, and AS9100 certifications. Our facilities include an in-house R&D center and a technical center for testing and reverse engineering.


We have global experience in the precision machining of turbine parts including impellers, turbine blades, vanes, and blisks, as well as aircraft components, turbocharger components, and pump components. We offer reverse engineering, and machining of components such as fir-tree turbine blades for turbine upgrades, repair, servicing, and 5-axis machining with processes done in-house for quality and lead time control.

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Turbomachinery, Turbine, Pump, and Aerospace Components

We are a supplier of precision machined turbines, turbine components, shrouded compressors, blisks, and impellers. Our products are used in the power generation, oil & gas and rotary equipment industry. As an AS9001-certified facility, we also supply precision machined components for aerospace and defense industries such as nozzles, aircraft ribs, and other aerospace components.


Our facility incorporates the latest 5-axis machining centers, vertical machining centers, coordinate measuring machines, and other testing equipment. We also use a proprietary and superior tool path software for precision machining of turbine components such as axial-type compressors resulting for competitive quality and cost.

Business Areas

Reverse Engineering Services | Turbine Blades, Pumps, Compressors

We precision machine turbine components, compressor components, and pump components through reverse engineering for rotary equipment manufacturers seeking part suppliers as well as for repair, refurbishment and replacements. Our process includes performing 3D coordinate measuring of the existing turbine, data sculpting, 3D modeling, technical data package (TDP) creation, and machining of the final product.

Turbine Components

    • Gas Turbine Components (OEM specification available)
      • Turbine Blades
      • Seal Strips (OEM specification available)
      • Turbine Pins
      • Fasteners (Stud bolt, plain round nut, fixing bolts, etc)
      • Locking Strips
      • Sealing Plates
      • Assembly Seals
      • Sela Wires, Elements
    • Turbine Startup Accelerator
    • Impulse Turbine Blade
    • Reaction Turbine Blades
    • Hydrodynamic Bearings (Visit Bearing Product Page)

Compressor Components

  • Centrifugal Compressor Impeller
  • Centrifugal Compressor Wheel
  • Disk
  • Centrifugal Compressor Fans and Blowers
  • Inlet Volute Chamber
  • Axial Flow Compressor Blades (Rotors)
  • Axial Flow Compressor Vanes (Stators)
  • Compressor Blisk

Pump Components

  • Centrifugal Pump Volute Chamber (Casing)
  • Turbo Pump Impeller
  • Radial Impeller
  • Volute Chamber


  • Spacecraft Components
  • Aircraft Structural Components
  • High Pressure Turbopumps


  • Localization of Key Components (Army, Navy, Air Force)
  • System Assembly Projects (A.P.U & E.C.S)
  • Development of Technology Civil & Military Use
Turbine and Turbomachinery Components
Turbine and Turbomachinery Components
Turbine, Pump, and Turbomachinery Components

5-axis Machining Technology for Turbomachinery, Aerospace, Defense, and Precision Machinery Quality


Our in-house 5-axis machining is used for machining shapes that are usually not machinable by general 3-axis machining. 5-axis machining is mainly used for aircraft, turbine parts, tire molds. Our simultaneous 5-axis control equipment can process complex curved surfaces and it eliminates the need to produce special tools or jigs for the parts, reducing production costs, and shortening the machining time and setup time. 5-axis machining is an excellent process for production of smaller quantity of various different kinds of components because product development time is also shortened.

Manufacturing Process

pdf-iconCentrifugal & Axial Flow Impeller Manufacturing Process


CAD/CAM Programs

  • TCT-CAM (Proprietary software for greater accuracy and efficiency in processing impellers and blades)
  • CATIA V5
  • VERICUT (NC Toolpath Simulation)
  • NeuroCAD (3D Auto Measuring Software)
  • MASTERCAM (Turning & Milling CAM Software)
  • HyperMill (5-Axis CAM Software)
3D Coordinate Measuring

3D Coordinate Measuring

Turbine 3D Data Sculpting

Data Sculpting & Modeling

4. TDP Creation

TDP Creation

Turbine Production Machining


Component Manufacturing | Pump, Turbomachinery, Aerospace

Turbine Fir Tree Blades

Fir Tree Turbine Blades

Stator (Water Jet Engine)

Stator (Water Jet Engine)

Small Compressor Wheels

Small Compressor Wheels

Marine Nozzle Ring & Impeller

Nozzle Ring & Impeller

Hydro Power Generator Impeller

Hydro Power Generator Impeller



Volute Cover

Volute Cover

Lower Scroll

Lower Scroll

Aircraft Ribs

Aircraft Ribs

Aircraft Bracket

Aircraft Bracket

Aircraft Fittings

Aircraft Fittings

Aircraft Fitting Support

Aircraft Fitting Support

Turbo Compressor Impeller

Turbo Compressor Impeller

Turbo Blower Impeller

Turbo Blower Impeller

Turbine Startup Accelerator

Turbine Startup Accelerator

Turbine component


Turbo Pump Impeller

Turbo Pump Impeller

Axial Flow Air Compressor Impeller

Axial Flow Air Compressor Impeller

Blisk Booster

Blisk Booster

Gear Box Casing

Gear Box Casing

Compressor Wheel

Compressor Wheel

Radial Impellers

Radial Impeller

Antenna Horn

Antenna Horn

Nozzle Shell

Nozzle Shell

Gas Turbine Components in OEM Specifications

Gas Turbine Locking Strips

Gas Turbine Locking Strips

Gas Turbine Locking Piece SGT6-5000F-4209C43001

Gas Turbine Locking Piece

Siemens Gas Turbine Plate Seal and Lock Row 3 SGT6-5000F-4209C44G01

Gas Turbine Plate Seal and Lock Row 3

Siemens Gas Turbine Seal Strip SGT6-4000F - A2A50125141

Gas Turbine Seal Strips

Siemens Gas Turbine Fixing Bolt SGT6-4000F-A2A50031005

Gas Turbine Fixing Bolt

Siemens Gas Turbine Sela Wire SGT6-4000F-A2A50183416

Gas Turbine Sela Wire

GE Gas Turbine Inner Pad Pin GE 7F.04F-318A9804P001

Gas Turbine Inner Pad Pin

GE 7F.04F Gas Turbine Inner Tube Cross-Fire-2180844P001

Gas Turbine Inner Tube Cross-Fire

GE 7F.04F Gas Turbine Perforated Plate Cap Assembly

Gas Turbine Perforated Plate Cap Assembly

GE Gas Turbine Retainer Assembly GE 7F

Gas Turbine Retainer Assembly

GE 7F.04F Gas Turbine Seal Cloth -114E1707P048

Gas Turbine Seal Cloth

GE 7F.04F Gas Turbine Stop Liner 194D6146P001

Gas Turbine Stop Liner

Recent Turbomachinery Projects

Our clients include companies such as Hanwha Techwin, LS Industrial Systems, Hyundai Heavy Industries, IHI, Elliot Ebara, Hitachi, and also government research institutions such as KARI (Korea Aerospace Research Institute) and KRISO (Korea Research Institute of Ships and Ocean Engineering).

Turbo Air Compressor
  • Turbo Air Compressor
  • Size: Ø410 mm
  • Material: SUS630, H1100
Gas Compressor Closed-Type Impeller
  • Gas Compressor Closed-Type Impeller
  • Cover & Impeller Disc Electronic Beam Welded (EBW)
  • Size: Ø200 mm
  • Material: SUS630
Gas Compressor Lever-Type Impeller
  • Gas Compressor Lever-Type Impeller
  • Size: Ø400 mm
  • Material: 13Cr4NiMo
Turbo-Compressor Impeller
  • Turbo-Compressor Impeller (Model: 15,000HP)
  • Samsung Techwin
  • Size: Ø920 mm
  • Material: SUS630, H1050
Turbo-Expander Wheel
  • Turbo-Expander Wheel (Model: 20,000HP)
  • Size: Ø882 mm
  • Material: SUS630, H1050
Turbo-Blower Closed Type Impeller
  • Turbo-Blower Impeller
  • Size: Ø800 mm
  • Material: SUS304
  • Water Pump Impeller & Stator Casing
  • Size: Ø600 mm
  • Material: SUS410
Water Turbine Stator Casing
Water Pump Impeller

Turbine Components Manufacturing Facility

Operating out of three facilities in South Korea, our sites are well equipped for the engineering and manufacturing of gas turbine, steam turbine, industrial turbine components. Our centrifugal and axial-type impellers go up to 2,000mm in diameter.

Turbine Pump Machining Centers

5 Axis Machining Center (23 Sets)

  • MAZAK Varixis 630-5X
  • DMG DMU100MB
  • HERMLE C600U, C22U, C30U, C40U, C42U, C50U
  • GROB G550
  • STARRAG ZT1000, ZT1000E
  • DOOSAN VC630/5X, 5AX


Vertical Machining Center (3 sets)

  • Doosan VM84/H, VM52/H, 5VS-NC


CNC Vertical Turning Lathe (7 Sets)

  • KDM KTM-12/16(F), KTC-16/20, KTC 10/12F
  • Doosan PUMA V550R
  • Namsun Lathe NSL-400


Universal Milling Machine (6 Sets)

  • HWACHEON HL720*2000, HMTH 1100, NSB-V1200


Band Saw (1 Set)

  • WOOSUNG HA-460


Grinder (5 Set)

  • Surface Grinder YGS-96A, SFG-200H
  • Molding Grinder TGU-27
  • Cylindrical Grinder HV-400N


Surface & Shape Measurement (1 Set)

  • MITUTOYO Formtracer SV-C3200S4

3 Axis Machining Center (8 Sets)

  • Hwacheon Sirius 650, 1050
  • WIA VX650, KV750DM


CNC Horizontal Turning Lathe (13 Sets)

  • WIA SKT-25, SKT-28, SKT-300
  • DOOSAN PUMA GT2100, P300C
  • Star SB-20RG


CNC Vertical Turning Lathe (5 Sets)

  • KDM KTM-12/16(F), KTC-16/20, KTC 10/12F
  • Doosan PUMA V550R


Coordinate Measuring Machine (6 Sets)

  • DUKIN SIGMA 785C, MHG182410N, MHB101208N, ZODIAC 1076C, HIT564C, HIT554C


Balancing Machine (2 Sets)


Quality Assurance

Our facility is TS16949, ISO 9001, and AS9100 (BSI) certified for the manufacturing of aircraft, military, and turbomachinery components. We have also received quality system certifications from our key clients such as KAI (Korea Aerospace Industries).


Our quality systems include systematic defect prevention, calibration and maintenance of inspection equipment, design validation during development, and advanced inspection for improved reliability using CCM and Form Tracer systems.

Turbine KAI KPQMS 9100 Certificate

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