High-Performance Biomass Boiler Soot Blowers

Retractable and Rotary Soot Blowing Equipment for Biomass Power Plant Boiler Optimization

LPR Global provides High-Performance Soot Blowers specially built to clean various boiler parts and improve boiler efficiency.


Since 1994, our retracting and rotating soot blowing equipment has been a complete solution for boiler optimization and improved power plant operation at major engineering companies and power plant facilities in the biomass and thermal energy industry in South America, North Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.


Get to know our dependable biomass boiler soot blowers:

      • Long Retractable/Insertable Kinetic Sootblowers for Boiler Superheater
      • Short Retractable Sootblower for Boiler Economizer
      • Long & Part Retractable Sootblowers for GGH and GAH
      • Wall Blower/Insertable Rotating for Boiler Furnace Wall
      • Fixed Rotary Sootblower for Boiler Economizer & Flue Gas Paths
      • Rake Sootblowers for SCR

Retracting and Rotating Sootblowing Device for Soot Prevention and Boiler Maintenance

Effectively control slagging and fouling while achieving boiler efficiency and increase power plant profitability with LPR Global’s High-Performance Soot Blowers. Our boiler soot blowing equipment use high-efficiency venturi nozzles and superheated steam as a cleaning medium to maximize blowing coverage and remove porous soot deposits or soot buildup. A spray pressure control unit equipped in the poppet valve guarantees constant pressure and provides convenient adjustment of nozzle pressure. Besides its excellent cleaning performance, our clients highly regard each of our soot-blowing equipment because of its low-noise operation and easy maintenance.

Long Retractable/Insertable Kinetic Sootblowers (LRSB/IK) for Boiler Superheater | High-Performance Soot Blower LR Series

Optimize the superheater of your boiler with our long retractable soot blowers. The LR series, long retractable soot blowers, are robustly built to eliminate fouling in high-temperature zones (exceeding 500°C). A powerful single motor controls the lance tube in its forward and backward movement and guarantees high cleaning performance in boilers and heat exchanger parts.


Model: LR-2B

Travel: 3 m – 8 m

Speed: 33.4 mm/sec

Rotation: 100 mm

Horsepower: 1 HP


Model: LR-3B

Travel: 8 m – 12 m

Speed: 41.5 mm/sec

Rotation: 100 mm

Horsepower: 2 HP


Model: LR-4B

Travel: 12 m – 15 m

Speed: 41.5 mm/sec

Rotation: 100 mm

Horsepower: 2 HP

Short Retractable Sootblower for Boiler Economizer | High-Performance Soot Blower SR Type

Short-travel soot blower with a powerful blowing performance proven to clean soot in the boiler economizer. It is widely used for more powerful soot blowing than rotary soot blowers. Its equidistant nozzle arrangement ensures efficient cleaning in low gas temperature areas (below 500°C), such as the gas path.


Model: SR-2B

Travel: 0.5 – 2 m

Speed: 12 mm/sec

Rotation: 30 mm

Horsepower: 1/2 HP

Long & Part Retractable Sootblowers for GGH and GAH Systems | High-Performance Soot Blower PLR Series

High cleaning efficiency multi-nozzle part retractable soot blowers utilized in the GGH & GAH units.


Installed at Gas to Gas Heat Exchanger (GGH) system with 80-120°C:

All our GGH soot blowers are rotary and installed with a multi-nozzle block for effective soot blowing. Water washing is possible with the attached high-pressure water lance and nozzle block on the On-Stream-Washing (OSW).

Part Retractable GGH Soot Blower



Travel: 7 m – 9 m

Speed: 12 mm/sec

Horsepower: 1 HP

Long Retractable GGH Soot Blower



Travel: 7 m – 9 m

Speed: 12 mm/sec

Horsepower: 1 HP

Part Retractable Soot Blower Installed at Gas Air Heater/GAH (125-400°C):

Multi-nozzle part retractable soot blower with dual-media air heater cleaning configurations for strong soot blowing of air preheaters (APH).



Speed: 12 mm/sec

Horsepower: 1 HP

Wall Blower/Insertable Rotating (IR) for Boiler Furnace Wall | High-Performance Soot Blower WB Type

Superior performance in removing heavy ash deposits in boiler furnace walls, especially in pulverized coal combustion boilers. Nozzle head and nozzles are specially made of heat-resistant alloy to withstand high-temperature exposure over 1,000°C. To prevent damage from the high temperature at the combustor, its lance tube is uniquely positioned backward and attached to the outer furnace wall.


Upon starting, the lance tube moves to a forward position then rotates. A single motor powers the forward and backward movement of the lance tube. When the blowing starts, a cam operates the poppet valve.


Model: WB-1

Travel: 0.3 m

Speed: 5.8 mm/sec

Rotation: 100 mm

Horsepower: 1/4 HP

Fixed Rotary Sootblower for Boiler Economizer & Flue Gas Paths | High-Performance Soot Blower RB Type

Multi-nozzle soot blowing equipment for powerful cleaning in the economizer and gas paths of boilers (under 500°C). A sturdy element tube is fixed on the flue gas paths of low gas temperature zones in boilers and other boiler parts, such as the evaporator tube, economizer, tubular air, preheater, and fired heater. 


Model: RB-1(M)

Rotation: 26.4 sec/cycle

Blowing Angle: 180°, 360°

Horsepower: 1/2 HP

Rake-Type Sootblowers for SCR System | High-Performance Soot Blower Rake Series

All our rake-type soot blowers are robust and designed to efficiently clean large boiler areas evenly with its sturdy box frame, dual rack, and pinion drive. Our high-performance rake soot blowers can effectively clean soot at the SCR system with temperature under 400°C. Additionally, it is equipped with rake arms attached to its retractable lance tube and multiple nozzles, which ensure structural rigidity or stiffness, silent operation, and minimal vibrations.


Model: SR-2B-SCR

Speed: 12 mm/sec

Horsepower: 1/2 HP



Speed: 12 mm/sec

Horsepower: 1 HP

High-Performance Soot Blower Applications in Bioenergy, Coal, Petrochemical, and Industrial Plants

We provide complete soot blowing boiler solutions to the following industries:

Biomass Industry

        • Waste Incineration Facilities
        • Denitrification Facilities
        • Pulp and Paper Mills

Thermal Energy Industry

        • Desulfurization Facilities

Manufacturing Industry

        • Petrochemical Facilities
        • Industrial Boiler Facilities

Rake Soot Blowers (PLR-RAKE-SCR) installed at an SCR unit of a denitrification facility.


Long Retractable GGH Soot Blower (PLRP-GGH) installed in a desulfurization facility.


Power plant site showing rake tubes of a Part Retractable Soot Blower (PLR-RAKE-SCR) installed at the SCR catalyst.


Part Retractable Soot Blower (PLR-RAKE-SCR) installed at a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) unit.

Our LPR consultants will work with you in finding the most suitable High-Performance Soot Blower equipment and parts to optimize your biomass power plant. Discover the technology behind our power plant boiler cleaning equipment in our catalog.

Superheated Steam Soot Blowing for Optimized Biomass Boiler Plant Operations

In biomass power plants, incomplete combustion of solid fuel leads to soot formation. Soot is sticky and causes fouling on internal furnace tubes or heating and reaction surfaces of boilers. As a result, soot buildup in various boiler parts increase flue gas temperature, contribute to reduced boiler thermal efficiency, and yield to high energy cost.


LPR Global offers a variety of biomass boiler soot blowers to remove soot deposits that accumulate on heat transfer surfaces and various parts of the boiler. We specifically use superheated steam, the most effective soot cleaning medium, in keeping different regions, tubes, and fireside surfaces of boilers clean and at peak efficiency.


High-Performance Sootblowing Equipment for Improved Boiler Efficiency, Clean Energy, and Heat Recovery

Find out how our High-Performance Soot Blowers can help you optimize your boilers and achieve power plant efficiency. View our extensive line of retractable and rotary soot blower products in our catalog.

A History of Providing World-Class Soot Blowing Equipment with Korean Quality

Our biomass boiler soot blowers are made by engineers who build highly precise and rugged machines for the automotive, electronics, and power plant industries. From the design of the machine to its every component and modules, our engineers think about user-friendliness, durability, and easy maintenance, and such considerations transform into machine quality. Since 1970, our engineers accumulated knowledge and experience as a machine maker and had transferred their expertise to the high-performance soot blowers. This dependable soot blowing equipment came to the market in 1994.

    • 1994 – Our manufacturer built and designed the first soot blower equipment
    • 1995-2001 – The period of soot blower development
    • 2002 – The period of soot blower development led to an extensive line of High-Performance Soot Blowers for large boilers, boiler wall cleaning, and SCR units
    • 2004 – Certified with KS A 9001:2001/ISO 9001:2008 and added new models of Part Retractable Soot Blowers for GGH
    • 2006 – Certified with KS A 14001:2004/ISO 14001:2004 for high-quality soot blower equipment
    • 2017 – Developed a 15-meter Long Retractable Soot Blower for a major power plant company
    • 2020 – Our KS-certified manufacturer was awarded the New Excellent Technology Certification by the Korean Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy due to its outstanding fabrication method of the 15 meters Long Retractable Soot Blower for a 1,000 MW power plant

Today, our High-Performance Soot Blowers have proven its outstanding performance in biomass, thermal energy, and manufacturing industries in and outside of Korea. We have extensively installed more than 3,600 soot blowing equipment in various facilities in Korea, Chile, Turkey, Morocco, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Iran, Iraq, Vietnam, and the Philippines.


Explore our expertise in power plant boiler cleaning equipment, download our High-Performance Soot Blowers catalog now.

Biomass Boiler Soot Blowers’ Proven Experience

Based on their excellent repeatability and efficiency, our biomass boiler soot blowers quickly gained trust from industry leaders for robust construction and competitive quality. Our many clienteles include the world’s leading engineering and construction companies such as but are not limited to Mitsubishi, Doosan, Hyundai, SK Group, Samsung, GS Global, KOMIPO, KOSPO, KOSEP, KEPCO E&C, and Korea Western Power.

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