Thermal & Nuclear Power Plants | Engineering & Construction of Static Equipment

Geothermal Turbines, Radiation Shielding, Fuel Handling & Storage, Heat Exchangers, Maintenance & Service Equipment

We perform engineering and fabrication of critical static equipment for Nuclear Power Plants and Geothermal Power Plants. Our experience includes supplying to power plants in South Korea, UAE, and China.


Some of the products we supply include:

  • Radiation Shielding & Handling Equipment
  • Fueling Handling & Storage Equipment
  • Vibration Absorption Systems
  • Special Maintenance Equipment
  • Maintenance of Service Site & Facility
  • Traveling Water Screen & Debris Filter
  • Pressure Vessels & Tanks
  • Heat Exchangers (Tube & Shell)
  • Geothermal Turbines


Our clients include: CANDU, Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power (KHNP), Korea Nuclear Fuel Company (KEPCO NF), GS Caltex, SK Energy, and Hyundai Engineering & Construction.

Nuclear Power Plant & Geothermal Power Plant Engineering

LPR provides engineering and fabrication services for thermal power plants and nuclear power plants with Pressurized Water Reactors (PWRs) and Pressurized Heavy-Water Reactors (PHWRs). Our products include fuel storage racks, refueling machines, spent fuel handling tools and machines, control element assembly change platforms (CEA CP), and shielded work stations. Past experience includes supplying static equipment to plants in China, South Korea, Romania, and UAE.

Intake Water Treatment System

  • Traveling Screen
  • Multi-Disc Screen
  • Trash Rack (Bar Screen)
  • Trash Rake
  • Stop Gate
  • Control System
  • Fish Protection System

Bolt Tensioning System

  • Single Stud Tensioner (SST)
  • Multi-Stud Tensioner (MST)
  • Bolt Tensioner

Fuel Handling & Storage System

Pressurized Water Reactors (PWRs)

  • Fuel Storage Rack
  • Refueling Machine
  • Spent Fuel Handling Tool & Machine
  • Control Element Assembly Change Platform (CEA CP)

Pressurized Heavy-Water Reactor (PHWRs)

  • Radiation Shielded Work Station
  • Fuel Handling Tool
  • Fuel Storage Basket & Tray

Waste Treatment System

Hot Cell

  • Remote Controlled Manipulator
  • Pre-Basket Package
  • Decontamination System


  • Drum Capping System
  • Multi-Stud Tensioner (MST)

Pump Components

  • Discharge Elbow
  • Discharge Bowl
  • Motor Stool
  • Column Pipe
  • Diffuser
  • Impeller
  • Shaft
  • Drum Transfer System

Nuclear Power Plant Equipment

The engineering and fabrication services we provide encompass a wide range of equipment including bolt tensioners for PWR and PHWR nuclear power plants. Through our partner network, we are well equipped to deliver fabricated static equipment from our 4 sites based in South Korea.


Past clients that have sought our nuclear power plant equipment and tools include companies such as Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power (KHNP), Korea Nuclear Fuel Company (KEPCO), Doosan, Hyundai Engineering & Construction, GS Caltex, and Candu.

Radiation Shielded Station | Service Water System (SWS/CWS)

The Service Water System (SWS) assembly consists of a variety of specialized equipment used for processing spent fuel baskets housed within a steel structure. It is enclosed on all sides by lead filled steel panels and sheets of polyethylene to provide protection against radiation.

Radiation Shielded Equipment

Radiation Shielded Station

Radiation Shielded Equipment SWS

Service Water System (SWS)

Scope of Supply

  • Detailed Design & Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Lead Integrity & Functional Test

Technical Specification

  • Panel Construction: Steel Skin Plate + 99.9% Lead
  • Lead Shielding Integrity Test by Gamma Scanning

Supply Experience

  • KHNP Wolseong Nuclear Power Plant (CANDU-6 Pressurized Heavy Water Reactors)
  • Qinshan Phase III CANDU Nuclear Power Plant

Radiation Shielding Door

Radiation Shielded Equipment SWS

Radiation Shielding Door

Radiation Shielding Door Nuclear

Radiation Shielding | Steel Skin Plate + Lead

Scope of Supply

  • Detailed Design & Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Lead Integrity & Functional Test

Supply Experience

  • KHNP YGN 3 & 4
  • KHNP Shin Ulchin Units 1 & 2

Technical Specification

  • Door Type: Electric Motor Sliding Door
  • Supplied: Control Panel and Drive Unit
  • Power Supply:  120V, Single Phase, 60Hz for Control Panel

    480V, Three Phase, 60Hz for Drive Unit

  • Door Construction: Steel Skin Plate + 99.9% Lead (or Concrete)
  • Speed: 1.5 m/min – 3.0 m/min
  • Lead Shielding Integrity Test by Gamma Scanning

Radiation Shielding Fence

Radiation Shielding Fence

Radiation Shielding Fence

Radiation Shielding Fence Gamma

Radiation Shielding | Steel Skin Plate + Concrete

Scope of Supply

  • Detailed Design & Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Shielding Integrity & Functional Test

Technical Specification

  • Fence Construction: Steel Skin Plate + Concrete (Mortar, Water, B4C, Stone)
  • Concrete Design Strength: 400 MPa

Supply Experience

  • KAERI (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute)

Cooling Water System | Intake Water Screen & Traveling Water Screen

LPR’s cooling and auxiliary water systems include the intake water screening and traveling water screening for the removal of debris. Typical components include the intake bays, heavy duty trash racks, traveling screens, and control systems.

Intake Water Traveling Screen - Stop Gate

Traveling Water Screen | Stop Gate

Intake Water Traveling Screen - Trash Rake

Water Intake Screen | Trash Rake

Intake Water Traveling Screen - Trash Rack

Traveling Water Screen | Trash Rack

Intake Water - Traveling Screen

Water Intake Traveling Screen

Intake Water Traveling Screen - Control System

Cooling Water System Controls

Traveling Screen Technical Drawing

Design & Engineering

Tensioning Systems for Nuclear Power Generation

We provide stud tensioning solutions for applications in nuclear power plants. Our Single Stud Tensioners (SST) and Multi Stud Tensioners (MST) are used for pumps, valves, couplings, generators, gas/steam turbine rotors, horizontal/vertical joints, and other applications. Various nuclear power generators rely on our bolt tensioning solutions for reliable and safe operations.

Nuclear Power Plant Bolt Tensioner Solutions
Multi Type Bolt Tensioning
SST Stud Tensioner

Stud Tensioner

SST Stud Driving Tool

Stud Driving Tool

SST Tractor & Hoist Unit

Tractor & Hoist Unit

SST Main Control Unit

Main Control Unit

Radioactive Waste Handling Equipment

Remote handling equipment for radioactive waste is critical for minimizing radiation exposure for personnel at nuclear power plants. Our Bridge-Transported Dual-Arm Servo-Manipulator (BDSM) system consists of master manipulators, bridge transporter, slave manipulators, and control system. It features a cable driven arm system, trolley system, and telescopic tube. The control command provides force and visual feedback for the operator for precise operation. The technology behind our BDSM system was developed by the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI) and acquired through a technology transfer.

Bridge-Transported Dual-Arm Servo-Manipulator

Bridge-Transported Dual-Arm Servo-Manipulator (BDSM) System

BDSM Master Manipulator

Master Manipulator

BDSM Telescopic

Telescopic Manipulator

BDSM Operator

BDSM Operator

BDSM Manipulators

Slave Manipulator

Geothermal Power Generation | Turbines

Geothermal power plants are clean and renewable, unlike conventional fossil fuel energy by using steam produced from reservoirs of hot water found a few miles or more below the Earth’s surface to produce electricity. The steam rotates a turbine that activates a generator, which produces electricity. There are three types of geothermal power plants: dry steam, flash steam, and binary cycle.


Our experience includes supplying vaporizers, preheater, pressure vessels, air coolers, recuperators, condensors, separator, accumulators as well as piping spools and rotary equipment.


Over the years, our static equipment has been supplied to projects in Canada, USA, Kenya, Turkey and New Zealand.

Geothermal Power Generation System | EWK Turbine

Geothermal Turbine
Geothermal Turbine Unit
Geothermal Turbine Top
Patented Geothermal Turbine

10MW Geothermal Power Plant | EWK Standard (Patented 2012)

Geothermal Plant Standard
Geothermal Plant Standard Patented
Patented 10MW Geothermal Plant

10MW Geothermal  Power Plant | Flow Diagram

Geothermal Power Plant Static Equipment

Heat Exchangers

Geothermal Heat Exchanger

Vaporizer | SA516-70N

Geothermal Heat Exchanger Construction

Vaporizer | SA516-70N

Geothermal Heat Exchanger Vaporizer

Vaporizer | SA516-70N

Geothermal Heat Exchanger Finished Preheater

Preheater | SA516-70N

Geothermal Heat Exchanger Preheater

Preheater | SA516-70N+316L

Geothermal Heat Exchanger Recuperator

Recuperator | SA516-70N

Geothermal Heat Exchanger Transport

Recuperator | SA516-70N

Heat Exchanger Bundle

Tube Heat Exchanger | SA179

Heat Exchanger Bundle Side

Tube Heat Exchanger Bundle | SA179

Filters & Strainers

Materials: SA516-70N, A53-GR.B

Filter & Strainer
Filter & Strainer Painting
Filter & Strainer Finished

Engineering & Construction | Geothermal Power Plants

We provide mechanical and thermodynamic engineering design and analysis.

Some of the mechanical design and analysis tools we employ include 3D CAD Modeling and Drawing and Finite Element Analysis (ANSYS, ABAQUS, NS NASTRAN).

Mechanical Design and Analysis

  • 3D CAD Modeling and Drawings

    – Faster design process

    – Less design errors

    – Intersecting parts, parts with blocked access

    – Incorrectly assembled parts

    – Enhanced communication between design and fabrication teams

  • Finite Element Analysis

    – Structural Field Analysis

    – Static

    – Dynamic (steady-state and transient)

    – Vibration

    – Buckling

    – Seismic

    – Fluid Field Anlaysis

    – Turbulence (temperature distribution)

    – FEA Packages

    – ANSYS®

    – ABAQUS®


Thermodynamic Design

  • Waste heat recovery
  • Shell and tube type heat exchangers
  • Experienced design by HTRI®

Power Plant Simulation

  • PEPSE®

Partner for Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Projects

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Custom Fabrication for Offshore Rigs

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