High Efficiency Air Foil Turbo Blowers and Turbo Compressors


Wastewater Treatment High Speed Blowers and Compressors for Efficient Aeration

We offer an inventory of a large number of high speed turbo blowers and fuel cell turbo compressors with a vast range of performance levels for all normal and high pressure ranges.


PM motors guarantees maximum 95% efficiency and allows to operate in the 20,000 to 170,000 RPM.


A patented dual cooling system lowers motor temperature up to 10 degrees Celsius compared and allows efficient, low-maintenance, and compact turbo machine. The frictionless characteristic of the oil less air foil bearing guarantees durability and requires little maintenance.


We offer API specification turbo compressors suited for the oil and gas and petrochemical applications.


Export to over 70 countries globally.

High Speed Turbo Blower Compessor

Contactless Air Foil Bearing Turbo Blowers and Fuel Cell Turbo Compressors

We offer oil-free, contactless air bearings that are frictionless in operation, meaning less noise and vibration, extended bearing life, and little maintenance. Normally, only air filter replacement is required once every three months (depending on the operational condition). No lubrication needed.

Our products are 100% oil free due to the application of the air foil bearing technology.



Manufactured by the S. Korean leader in turbo blower technology, high speed turbo blowers are produced following ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, CE, NRTL, ATEX, High Efficiency Equipment Certification, EAC standards and certifications.

PM Motor, Air foil Bearing Impeller Turbo Blower

Turbo Blower and Compressor Structure | Wastewater, Mining, Chemical, Textile, Semiconductor

Overall efficiency of high speed turbo blowers mainly depends on their design. Air flow, pressure, and speed (RPM) are affected by the impeller shape, cooling system, and internal structure of the blower.


We have accumulated a number of patens for ground-breaking design of impeller and dual motor cooling system.

Lowering the motor temperature is critical to determine blower efficiency, our dual motor cooling system features a patented two stage motor cooling system that lowers motor temperature by more than 10 degrees (C) compared to other brands. The design allows for cool air to reach stator, bearing, winding, and rotor. The heated air is exhausted outside of the enclosure.


The patented high-efficiency supersonic impeller uses both axial and radial compression and has a large diameter for maximum efficiency. It is made from high strength aluminum alloy (AL7075- T651) that processed up to 0.001mm thickness. Impeller is hard anodized for corrosion prevention and chemical resistance to perform in aggressive environments. Compressor system is designed to be directly connected to the rotor without any coupling, resulting in zero efficiency loss while maintaining structural stability and balance altogether. We also offer stainless steel and titanium impellers for higher fatigue applications.


Air flow of our turbo blowers and turbo compressors is controlled by VFD (Inverter) and the main controller. VFD allows change of the frequency rate to the desired point that the system has to operate at. This is achieved by the PLC or MICOM controller depending on the user’s preference. Available PLC options include Allen-Bradley, GE, SIEMENS, OMRON, RS-AUTO or LG. The control panel can be connected remotely to plant SCADA via Ethernet, RS485 or RS422. PLC controls the overall performance including the amount of pressure, air flow, RPM, etc. Operator can set up a specific percentage value to achieve the desired rate and air flow volume this way avoiding energy loss. Our bell-mouth flow meter can measure the flow within ± 0.5% tolerance (JIS B 8340).


No bending, no welding (NBW) air foil bearing is part of the turbo blower design technology. With more than 150,000 on/off tests conducted, it guarantees up to 100,000 on/off tests. The bearing requires no oil supply, no oil filter, no additional cooler needed in other brand’s blowers.

Air Foil Turbo Blower Cooling System

High Speed Turbo Blower and Compressor Advantages

  • 2 year warranty for PM motor
  • Low vibration below 0.2mm/s
  • Low noise below 80dB +/- 3dB
  • 100% oil free
  • Embedded PLC and Telecommunication protocol for remote monitoring
  • High speed VFD control by inverter
  • Easy operation and maintenance; only air filter change required
Impeller High Speed Turbo Blower
Turbo Blower Design Motor, Impeller

High Speed Turbo Blower and Turbo Compressor Models | Contactless Air Foil Bearing Technology

We offer 6 model series, including smart turbo blower (WL-i), smart turbo compressor (WH-i), turbo blower (WL), turbo compressor (WH), micro turbo blower (WM) and micro turbo compressor (WF).

Smart Turbo Compressor WH-i Series | Turbo Compressor with IoT Monitoring

Premium turbo compressor was designed with energy saving goal in mind. Its unique combination of multi-stage compression, titanium impellers, ultra-high speed, high-efficiency permanent magnet motor, and dual cooling system significantly reduces energy consumption and offers improved performance.


The smart turbo compressor allows operators to remotely track specific energy and compressed air pressure to make improvements when required. Its intelligent control system sends sensor data back and forth between the cloud and a smart device.

Smart Turbo Compressor WH-i

Smart Turbo Blower WL-i Series | Variable Speed and Direct Driving

10~1000HP [0.4~1.2 BAR] Single, Twin, Dual Core Impeller Type

World’s first smart turbo blower with IoT integration for real-time performance monitoring via any connected device. Data visualization allows operators to easily monitor performance of the system, change settings, and control operations. Collected data is real-time measured and processed through the control system, which is then sent to users for monitoring purposes.

For WL-i series, we offer a 5 year warranty.

Turbo Blower WL-i Series Air Foil
Turbo Blower WL-i Series

Air Foil Turbo Compressor | WH Series

50~400HP [1.5~8 BAR] 


Multi-stage air foil bearing turbo compressor.

Cascade impeller, multi stage air foil bearing compressor is capable of building pressure from 1.5 – 8.0 bar range typically achieved by industrial compressors. Applications for this compressor include deep tank aeration in wastewater treatment facilities, production process air in chemical, textile, glass manufacturing plants, air knife applications in semiconductor manufacturing and other medium pressure applications demanding for a low carbon footprint.

Turbo Compressor WH Series

Single, Twin Impeller, Twin Core Type Turbo Blower | WL Series

10~1000HP [0.4~1.2 BAR] Single Impeller, Twin Impeller and Dual Core Type


An upgraded design of air foil bearing type turbo blowers, WL Series offers efficiency up to 57.5%.  The WL Series operates at 10 to 1,000 HP.

Single impeller series are compact, efficient, and durable high-speed turbo blowers. These models are commonly used for air supply in water and wastewater treatment plants, dry powder transfer in chemical or cement plants, and air knife applications. The single impeller blowers are used in low to medium air volume and low-pressure requirements projects.

WL Twin Impeller / Single Core and Twin Impeller / Twin Core models are suited for larger volume, medium to high air flow range. The Twin Core models are used in applications with a wider turn-down range of up to 4:1 compared to the standard 2:1 turndown of single core models.

High Speed Turbo Blower WL Twin Impeller

Micro Turbo Compressor for Fuel Cell Stack | WF Series

3kW to 20kW Fuel Cell Turbo Compressor

Micro turbo compressor, WF Series, is specifically designed to supply air to fuel cell systems. It guarantees an efficient air compression and precise control of the air flow. Due to its patented contactless oil free air foil bearing WF series compressor supplies clean air to the fuel cell system and allows wear-free operation due to its minimal bearing friction. The result is a compact, high efficient, and reliable micro turbo compressor used in the automotive, transportation, and stationary applications.

Micro Turbo Compressor Features

  • Power range from 3 KW to 20 KW
  • Micro turbo compressor + EV Inverter
  • Up to 175,000 RPM
  • Air foil bearing technology
Micro Turbo Compressor

Micro Turbo Blower | WM Series

Compact energy efficient turbo blower suitable for replacing low volume roots-type blower. Offers supply of compressed air at a low flow rate range. Offered in the range of 3 to 10 HP, WM Series is developed specifically for aeration applications including aerobic, biological wastewater treatment, fermentation, and flotation.

Low Flow Rate Turbo Blower WM Series

Energy Efficient Turbo Blowers

Energy efficiency and smaller carbon footprint are the primary drivers of aeration blower technology selection. Reduction of energy consumption is the deciding factor for utility system design. Operating variables such as air flow control, plant set up, and other operational settings can significantly affect cost and benefits of blower aeration systems.

This is especially important for the water and wastewater industries where energy required to produce air accounts for about 60 per cent of the total energy consumption of a wastewater treatment facility.

For applications requiring high air flow and low energy consumption, high speed turbo blower provide valuable features including wider operating range, higher efficiency, lower noise, lower vibration, lower maintenance cost, and longer life cycle.

We offer a large inventory of high speed turbo blowers and compressors with a vast range of performance levels for medium and high pressure ranges, all ready for immediate use and suitable for harsh environments.

Project Experience | Air Foil Turbo Blower

LPR Global’s turbo blowers are designed for various applications including deep tank aeration in wastewater and municipal water filtration treatment plants, production process air in mining, chemical, petrochemical, textile, glass manufacturing plants, air knife applications in semiconductor manufacturing, steel production, nuclear power plants, and other industrial medium and high pressure projects.

Sizes range from small blowers installed in municipal tank to very large ones used in industrial grade wastewater treatment facilities.

Turbo Blower Application Examples | Wastewater, Cement, Metal Smelting

Turbo Compressor Wastewater Aeration
Turbo Blower Cement Plant Aeration
Turbo Blower Metal Smelting Aeration
Air Foil Contactless Turbo Blower Project
Watewater Turbo Blower Project
High Speed Turbo Blower Plant
High Speed Turbo Blower Single Twin Impeller

High Speed Turbo Blower Quotation Requirements

Please specify your requirements for the contactless air foil bearing turbo blower:

  • Air Flow (ft3/min or m3/min)
  • Pressure (psi or mmAq)
  • Voltage (3 phase, 200~240V, 380~480V, 600V, etc.)
  • Frequency (50/60hz)
  • Altitude (altitude affects the value of ambient pressure)
  • Preferred Controller (PLC or MICOM)
  • Preferred Inverter (Vacon, Yaskawa, Seoho, other)
  • Application (Wastewater, Cement Factory)
  • Additional Accessories (Check Valve, Discharge Silencer, Flexible Joint, Stop Valve, Medium Filters)
Turbo Blower Wastewater System Air Foil

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