Recent Projects

Delivered manufacturing machinery, outsourced parts production, and marketing consulting.

Machinery Projects for Automotive, Oil & Gas and Plastic Industries

CNC SF (Single Spindle) | Rotary Friction Welding

Rotary Friction Welding Machine for Drill Pipes

Rotary friction welding machine delivered to a US-based company manufacturing drill pipes. Using this advanced manufacturing method allows pipes of dissimilar metals to be welded together and eliminates the need of using traditional mechanical pipe joining methods.

Dry Powder Compacting Press PCHS Series

Powder Metal Compacting Press for Auto Parts

Delivered a customized 100 ton powder metal compacting press to a Tier 1 auto part manufacturer in India. Our powder metal compacting presses are used as a means of cost savings through improving cycle time and reducing yield losses during manufacturing by producing near net-shape parts.

Polyurethane Mix Head High Pressure

High Pressure Polyurethane Equipment

Delivered high pressure polyurethane mix-heads to Russia for a complete manufacturing line for the production of PU insulating foam.

Parts Manufacturing Projects for Machine Tool Manufacturers

Precision Machine Parts | CNC Equipment Manufacturing Solutions

Precision Machined Parts

Precision machined parts such as stock bushing housings are delivered annually to press and machine tool manufacturers in the US.

Mechanical Testing and Inspection Projects

Multi-Purpose Wear Test System | MPW110 | Friction and Wear Testing | Precise Temperature, Loading, and Environment Control

Friction & Wear Testing Equipment for Mechanical Engineering Research

Our accurate multi-purpose tribometer with data acquisition for friction and wear testing continues to provide years of reliable service to the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Carleton University in Canada and the reference data generated from our system contributed to several academic papers.

Gas Pipe In Field Inspection

NDT Equipment for Monitoring Oil & Gas Pipeline Integrity

A midstream oil and gas company had pipeline leaks in the past which resulted in environmental and monetary damages. Our non-destructive testing equipment which measures material properties such as residual stress was selected to be used in the field to monitor the integrity of pipes and welds before failure can occur.

Power Plant Engineering and Analysis Projects

Predictive AnalytiPredictive Analytic Software Main Displayc Software Main

Predictive Analysis for District Energy Plant

After installing our power plant predictive analysis tool at University of Texas Austin, an anomaly was identified by our Plant Health Index (PHI) system even though it was not observed through the plant HMI system or historian. The PHI system found that there was varying torque and vibrations for the boiler fans which led to the discovery that the pressure transmitters which were not placed in the same position which resulted in different readings.

Strategic Sourcing for Global Companies

PU Jigs | Refrigerator Door

Tooling Sourcing for Home Appliance Industry

A global company producing consumer appliances sought our help to find a supplier for PU Foaming Jigs for refrigerator doors. We pre-selected 9 potential suppliers and arranged meetings over a 2 day period. The result was a short but extremely effective business trip and one of the vendors was selected supplier and another vendor was selected as a potential supplier for an upcoming plant project.