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LPR Global’s 2018 Business Matching Meetings Conference
Yields New Opportunities in High Growth Manufacturing Areas


LPR Global’s 7th Annual Business Matching Conference Was Profiled by the Korea Industry Daily Sept 22, 2018 


LPR Global at the 2018 LPR Global Business Matching Meetings Conference in Seoul, South Korea on September 12, 2018.
LPR Global at the 2018 LPR Global Business Matching Meetings Conference in Seoul, South Korea on September 12, 2018.


TORONTO, Canada, October 1, 2018 – LPR Global’s Seventh annual Business Matching Meetings Conference was held on September 12th, 2018 in Seoul, South Korea and gave clients from the USA, India, Brazil, and Europe an opportunity to meet with Korean machinery, tooling, and automotive parts suppliers to discuss ongoing projects and explore new business relationships.


The event was covered by the Korea Industry Daily, the largest online media publication specializing  in technology news in South Korea. Its article discusses LPR Global’s success helping global companies source from Korea through LPR Global’s annual business matching meetings conference. “One-on-one matchings were arranged by LPR Global among the global companies and  Korean companies with compatible business interests. Project information was shared with participating companies prior, which brings actual purchase deals from these matchings,“ says the Korea Industry Daily. The full article is republished in Korean in the LPR’s Korean blog.


2018 LPR Global Business Matching Meetings Conference in Seoul, South Korea


This year the following technologies were discussed between participating Korean companies and LPR’s global clients from the USA, Russia, Brazil, and India:


  • 3D printing equipment and 3D printing services for mold core applications
  • Polyurethane equipment, glass insulated panel production equipment for LNG storage and transportation
  • Robotic welding automation, roll forming machinery and stretch bending machines for the automotive BIW application
  • High precision molds and dies for the automotive and home appliance industry
  • Pipe forming machinery
  • Presses: knuckle and servo presses for the automotive industry
  • Steel casting and machining capabilities for steel mills and power plants
  • High precision cold forging capabilities for the automotive parts


LPR Global’s Business Matching Meetings were followed by factory visits to Korean machinery and tooling manufacturers arranged by LPR Global. The event was co-joined with the KOFAS expo, factory automation and machinery show, held at the KINTEX venue, Seoul, South Korea, October 11-14, 2018.


LPR Global has been hosting the conference for global clients  interested in exploring South Korean manufacturing capabilities since 2012 with the support of the Korean federal government and the Korea Association of Machinery Industry (KOAMI).


Please contact LPR Global to inquire about the 2019 event.


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