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LPR Global Featured as a Successful US Market Expert
by the Financial News, a Business Daily in Korea


The Financial News interviewed Mikah Lee, managing director of LPR Global, as one of the most successful examples of the Korean government’s Agency Export Program, during the 2018 SBC Global Business Network event held in Seoul, S. Korea on March 9. An excerpt from the published interview is translated into English below.


LPR Global Featured as a Successful US Market Expert
LPR Global Featured as a Successful US Market Expert


South Korea, March 29, 2018 – At one location 182 Korean small-to-medium companies, certified by the Small Business Corporation (SBC), a Korean government agency, and selected from the 1:4 competition, meet with 120 overseas export marketing companies to discuss export, investment and technical partnerships.


Mikah Lee, managing director of LPR Global, a Toronto-based, Canadian consulting company, said, “The SBC event benefits Korean small-to-medium companies and overseas buyers, which is why we have continued to participate over the years.”

For the past 10 years LPR Global has been certified by the SBC as its overseas marketing consulting company in North America and has successfully connected Korean custom machine manufacturers with US-based global companies such as Tenneco and Whirlpool, Lee says, “Good equipment can’t be made without excellent machining capabilities or quality component suppliers. Based on infrastructure like that, Korean machine manufacturers excel in North America as well as in global markets,” she adds.


LPR Global strategically developed its market for Korean-made complicated customized machines through the SBC program because it was the only way to avoid fierce price-based competition with Chinese and Taiwanese companies.


When asked what advice she gives to Korean companies that wish to export, Lee says, “Korean companies have to be ready with English communication capabilities and to comply with global standards in addition to creating internal resources dedicated to the export market. LPR rarely accepts companies as clients if they’re not ready for export or have no experience with exporting.”


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