LPR Global Designated as Premium Consulting Service by the Korean Federal Government

LPR Global distinguishes itself as the only North American company to win the Premium Consulting Service Award in 2023.


Toronto, Canada, March 7, 2023 – LPR Global continues to be the only North American premium consulting service provider selected by the Small and Medium Business Administration (SMBA), a South Korean Federal Government organization.  This is the 9th time LPR Global wins this prestigious award, which recognizes export marketing firms that have made extraordinary contributions to the SMBA’s mandate to promote South Korea’s small- and medium-sized manufacturers.


As a pivotal advisor and partner to SMBA’s export programs, LPR Global has been promoting various Korean machinery and components manufacturers to North America, South America, and Europe for over 22 years. During this time, LPR Global has expanded its partnerships with global companies in steel, automotive, fabrication, energy and home appliance manufacturing industries.


The recent selection was based on LPR Global’s success in advancing the USKoreaHotlink.com consortium, the largest active group of Korean manufacturers in North America, and its export of Korean manufactured goods in 2022.


In particular, 2022 saw the expansion of LPR Global’s Onsite Vendor Audit Service. Through thorough audit reports by LPR Global’s independent audit engineers and in-person site visits from North American companies, LPR Global increased access to South Korean manufacturers for high-priority, complex and long-term custom projects in 2022.


In 2023, LPR Global looks forward to developing new opportunities for long-term business partnerships with global companies, particularly for USKoreaHotlink’s newest consortium members, a manufacturer of deep foundation drilling equipment and a leading laser cutting fabricator of custom metal frames and structures.


About LPR Global, Inc. LPR Global is a strategic consultancy headquartered in Toronto, ON. Founded in 2001, LPR Global provides advisory and business development services to corporate organizations and government organizations in South Korean and Western markets.


About USKoreaHotlink.com – USKoreaHotlink.com, founded and operated by LPR Global since 2009, is the largest consortium of high-quality, custom manufacturers from South Korea active in North America.


Visit https://www.lprglobal.com or https://www.uskoreahotlink.com

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