LPR Global CEO’s Third Book Reaches
Korean Best Seller List Two Weeks after Publication


LPR Global, Inc.’s CEO Mikah Lee saw her third book published on February 10, 2019. Ms. Lee’s newest book, titled “How to Avoid Writing Incorrect Business Emails,” has rocketed to the top 5 best-seller list in the business English category at 4 major online and offline bookstores. 


LPR Global Mikah Lee Best Selling Author

How to Avoid Writing Incorrect Business Emails by Mikah Lee, CEO, LPR Global, Inc.



TORONTO, Canada, March 5, 2019 – LPR Global Inc., the Toronto-based international consultancy, announced today that CEO Mikah Lee’s book, How to Avoid Writing Incorrect Business Emails, reached the top 5 bestseller list in just 2 weeks after the book was published February 10, 2019. A noted author as well as entrepreneur, Ms. Lee used her experiences as a trade consultant between the Western world and South Korea as a vehicle to illustrate effective business email writing.



The book was well received by Korean language readers both in South Korea and throughout the world. How to Avoid Writing Incorrect Business Emails climbed the charts both online and in traditional book stores and has reached the top best-selling book list on YES24.com – South Korea’s largest online book site. Kyobo Books, South Korea’s largest brick and mortar bookstore, has listed How to Avoid Writing Incorrect Business Emails as a best seller in its Business English Language category since the book’s first appearance in February 2019.


How to Avoid Writing Incorrect Business Emails has been selected Top 3 Books by the Small Business Corporation, the South Korean federal government agency, as the best book to help Korean small and medium businesses conduct overseas marketing. Mr. Hogyoon Kim, Executive Managing Director of Human Resources Division at Samsung Electronics recommends the book, “The author succinctly explains the common mistakes made by Korean business people using examples and illustrations filled with practical, experience-enriched useful writing tips, patterns and fundamentals. The book is the best business email book for the wide range of Korean readers in international trade.”


Ms. Lee is scheduled to speak at a book signing event on March 21, 2019 at the Seoul Catholic Youth Hall, Seoul, South Korea.  Her book signing event is followed by a series of talks at universities, corporations, and government organizations until March 27 in South Korea.



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