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LPR Global Announces Winner of the 2016 Fastest Growing Company Award


LPR Global Announces Winner of the 2016 Fastest Growing Company Award
Sung Yoon Kim (third from the left), President of U-Jin Tech, holding the Fastest Growing Company Award, Mikah Lee (fourth from the left), CEO of LPR Global, along with representatives of U-Jin Tech, LPR Global, and Technology Forum speakers and buyers at the award ceremony, held in Seoul, South Korea on October 20, 2016.


Rotary Friction Welding Manufacturer U-Jin Tech Takes Home the Honors


TORONTO, Canada, October 26, 2016 – U-Jin Tech, a leading manufacturer of rotary friction welding equipment, based in South Korea, has been named the Fastest Growing Company Award winner by an independent business awards program judged by members of LPR Global, the Korean Small Business Corporation, and other industry specialists. The award recognizes companies who have demonstrated an outstanding export growth and have shown a commitment to creating global partnerships.


After joining LPR Global’s Marketing Consulting program in 2015 U-Jin Tech’s exports have grown 5 fold demonstrating the highest level of commitment to developing advanced machinery that meets unique client requirements along with a dedication to establishing technical partnerships globally.


“U-Jin Tech’s case is a good example of how the right consulting guidance coming from experienced professionals can help companies with promising technology sell their products in the most efficient way,” says Mikah Lee, CEO of LPR Global, “LPR Global will continue supporting U-Jin Tech to help them advance their market positioning in the world as one of the leaders in the rotary friction welding equipment market.”


“We are honored to receive this award from LPR Global. It has been an exciting journey for us and LPR Global has been our partner for several years now. We would not have achieved our growth without their support and network,” said Sung Yoon Kim, CEO of U-Jin Tech, “We look forward to continuing to work with LPR Global.”


The annual Fastest Growing Company Award focuses on companies based in South Korea with exports of industrial equipment and products to North America and Europe.


The award winner was announced at an awards ceremony during the LPR Global Technology Forum in Seoul on October 20, 2016. The Technology Forum featured technical presentations focusing on advanced manufacturing, Internet of Things, and global partnerships. The LPR Global Technology Forum included participants from countries throughout the world including the USA, Canada, England, Germany, China, and India.


U-Jin Tech is a participant in LPR Global’s Marketing Consulting program which aims to promote Korean industrial and machinery technology and build partnerships with global suppliers. U-Jin Tech manufacturers rotary friction machines for electric vehicle batteries, camshafts, and pistons in the automotive industry, and downhole drill pipes for the oil and gas industry.


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