Business Ventures

Specializing in South Korean emerging industrial technology companies.

New Business Ventures with Emerging Technology Companies from South Korea

LPR Global is the perfect partner for identifying new technologies, products, or business opportunities between South Korea and North America. Our new business ventures include developing strategic partnerships with companies of various sizes in the automotive, industrial, testing, and energy sectors. These business venture partnerships may include growing sales channels, technology transfers, or joint ventures.


As a long-term partner and consultant to various South Korean provincial and federal government agencies, LPR Global is well-equipped to find new technologies and potential partnership opportunities. Our wide industry network allows us to help secure sales channels that would be instrumental for business development in the Korean market.

Industry Areas

  • Intelligent Building Management Systems
  • Advanced Fire and Safety Management Systems for Large Buildings
  • Detector Systems, Surveillance, Security, and Communications Technologies
  • IT Software

  • Factory Automation
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Power Generation
  • Automotive Industry
  • Oil & Gas Industry

Contact the Ventures Team

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