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2016 LPR Global Technology Forum Featured in Manufacturing Magazine in Korea

2016 LPR Global Technology Forum is covered by Manufacturing; an excerpt from the article is translated into English below.


LPR Global Tech Forum Featured in Korea's Manufacturing Magazine
Mikah Lee, CEO of LPR Global, exemplifies U-Jin Tech, a friction welding machine manufacturer in South Korea, as a successful globalization case on October 20, 2016.

Global Sourcing Is A Solution Not Only For Large Enterprises But Also For Small to Medium-Sized Manufacturers


SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, December 1, 2016 – The 2016 LPR Global Technology Forum, held last month, heralds the question on how small to medium-sized companies can remain competitive against fierce global competition. The forum presented 3 cases — IT applied to manufacturing process (smart manufacturing), using disruptive technology for conventional manufacturing, and global sourcing. Ms. Mikah Lee, CEO of LPR Global, says, “Korean small to medium-sized companies consider global partnership very difficult and not possible for them. However, global partnership not only helps Korean companies reduce their manufacturing costs but also helps equip them with exceptional skill sets or expertise that’s hard to find in the Korean market.” At the LPR Global Technology Forum, U-Jin Tech’s case was presented as successful global sourcing. U-Jin Tech was able to meet the requirements of a global client by hiring software expertise in Poland, instead of Korea. While building a fully automated CNC double-headed friction welding machine, U-Jin Tech originally hired electric programming expertise of Siemens NC and PLC systems in Korea, but had a hard time with its Korean programmers. U-Jin Tech eventually asked LPR Global to look for a company with Siemens programming expertise in the overseas market. LPR Global introduced a Polish engineering company to U-Jin Tech and the Polish company helped reduce the machine manufacturing time significantly.


The Small Business Corporation (www.sbc.or.kr), one of the largest federal government agencies in Korea, runs many programs to help Korean companies maintain their competitiveness on a global scale and promotes those Korean companies to be globalized. During the opening speech, Mr. Sung-Hee Lee, Director of Global Cooperation Department of the Small Business Corporation, says, “we hope that the forum offers the audience the opportunity to think over globalization, and innovative but not commonly talked about technology applied to manufacturers.”



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