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Portable Counterfeit Detector | UV LED Counterfeit Money and Document Detectors

Long-lasting and lightweight, the MP12t UV Counterfeit Detectors offer high-performance (intensity = 9.24 mW) punch in a small package. From M-Vision, the manufacturer of industrial grade lighting products, comes powerful and portable counterfeit detectors.

The portable 3 bulb hand-held UV detectors can be used to detect:

  • counterfeit money and documents
  • to authenticate driver’s licenses, passports, credit cards, checks, transit passes
  • fake casino chips
  • and luxury goods

The M-Vision Portable Counterfeit Detector uses multiple authentication technologies including visually identifying magnetic security threads, wavelength contrasts, and visible UV fluorescence with greater vibrance and detail than competing products.

MP12t Portable Detector

Portable Counterfeit Detector
Portable UV LED Counterfeit Detector
Demo Video
Portable Counterfeit Detector Catalogue

M-Vision Portable UV LED Counterfeit Detectors | Handheld

The M-Vision portable counterfeit detectors boast advanced UV LED counterfeit document and fake money detection that operates with a state-of-the-art UV LED detector technology. Used by KOMSCO, the printer for the Korean mint, these multi-authentication devices have the ability to detect a variety of key identifiers on any currency or document including:

UV Magnetic Security Strip UV Counterfeit Casino Chips Money UV Light Ink

Magnetic security threads


Wavelength contrasts


UV fluorescence

(Fluorescence brightening

agent inspection)


The M-Vision portable counterfeit detector device has an extremely long lifetime – over 10,000 hours — compared to traditional UV counterfeit detectors. MP12t portable counterfeit detectors are mercury free and are light enough to be carried in a pocket or on a lanyard.

M-Vision Portable Counterfeit Detector Model

MP12t Portable UV LED Detector | Counterfeit Detector

ModelMP12t UV LED Counterfeit Detector
Dimensions90 x 60 x 30 mm
Weight>150 g
Power Supply3.7 ~ 4.2 volts rechargeable battery
Power Consumption8.82 ~ 10.08 watts
Radiant FluxOver 2000 mW
Continuous Running Time2.5 hours
Charging Time3 hours
Charged By:Micro 5Pin (usb plug)
Detect Methodone piece
Warranty1 year
CertificationCE, CB, FCC
Only $250 USD (Discounts available in bulk purchase)

M-Vision Portable Counterfeit Detection devices are ideal for Point-of-Sale (POS) applications since key security features on US currency can be instantly visually verified by cashiers.

  • M-Vision portable UV LED counterfeit detector devices are specially designed for retail loss prevention; they are reliable, easy to use, lightweight, portable, and they require little training.
  • A growing list of documents in the US and Canada already has or is adding security features that can be authenticated using M-Vision portable UV LED counterfeit detector device. These include but are not limited to driver’s licenses, passports, casino chips, credit cards, traveler’s checks, bank checks, event tickets and public transit passes.
  • M-Visions UV LED portable counterfeit detector devices compliment your brand protection efforts by authenticating media such as DVDs, CDs, auto parts, electronic goods, luxury products, pharmaceuticals, and many other items.

Exemplary Clienteles

1. Government offices in North America:

  • Passport Canada
  • RCMP-Royal Canadian Mounted Police
  • OPP- Ontario Provincial Police
  • US Department of Treasury
  • US department of state

2. Commercial banks

3. Casinos in multiple countries – US, UK, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, India, etc.

4. Security product distributors


Video of Portable UV LED Counterfeit Detectors


The Various Uses of M-Vision UV LED Portable Counterfeit Detector MP12t

The Actual size of Portable Counterfeit Detector DC-1000 Passport
The Actual Size of M-Vision Portable UV LED Counterfeit Detector MP12t Detect Fake Passports | Counterfeit Licenses | Tickets with the M-Vision Portable UV LED Counterfeit Detector
Canada Dollar US Dollar during Portable Counterfeit Detector scan
Canadian Dollar
Portable UV LED Counterfeit Detector Scan
US Dollar
Portable UV LED Counterfeit Detector Scan
Chinese Yuan Korean Won
Chinese Yuan
Portable UV LED Counterfeit Detector Scan
Korean Won
Portable UV LED Counterfeit Detector Scan
Euro Malaysian Ringgit
Portable UV LED Counterfeit Detector Scan
Malaysian Ringgit
Portable UV LED Counterfeit Detector Scan

Portable Handheld UV LED Counterfeit Detector Helps You Get the Facts:


  • Bank Of Canada Educational booklet about detecting counterfeit currency Did you know that Counterfeit $5s, $10s, and $20s make up a significant proportion of counterfeit bills rather than the myth that most counterfeit bills are $50s and $100s.That’s because counterfeiters expect that people won’t check the lower denominations, which makes them easier to pass. For more information read this educational booklet prepared by Bank of Canada.(Courtesy: Bank of Canada website)
  • Fast Fact sheet on Counterfeiting bills Traditionally counterfeiting was run by organized crime but with the subsequent introduction of affordable personal computers and user-friendly graphics software, the nature of counterfeiting started to change and small operators started to enter the “market”. Now with the release of the latest Canadian and US bank notes in the last few years, with their new security features, the casual counterfeiter has been driven mostly out of business. Most of today’s counterfeiting is once again being carried out by organized crime. To learn more facts about the anti-counterfeiting bills read this fact sheet.(Courtesy: Bank of Canada website)
  • The number of counterfeit bills passed in Canada have increased 39% from 2012 to 2014. Due to advancement in technology in the printing process, it is giving counterfeiters the opportunity to improve their counterfeit bills. (Courtesy: Royal Canadian Mounted Police website)
  • Recently, Treasury Department study reported estimated confiscation of $40,000 of fake cash per week in casinos in Nevada. Casinos and gaming sites are considered one of the best place for criminals to launder counterfeit money. (Courtesy: Business Insider)
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