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US Korea Hotlink Overview

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US Korea HotLink is a business development initiative  of LPR Global, Inc.  an international trade and consulting firm  specializing in Korean security technology, energy, and manufacturing companies. By providing business development, advice and consulting services to hundreds of Korean companies and government agencies in the past ten years we recognized the need for a low-cost high-value marketing and service platform that facilitates collaboration between Korean advanced technology firms and the markets that they serve. 

Partner With World Security, Energy and Manufacturing Leaders

South Korea is an economic dynamo and world leader in many market segments including: optics, wireless, cellular, digital video, manufacturing, robotics, communications, and shipbuilding.   US Korea HotLink takes advantage of this leadership, selects the most promising Korean Security, Energy and Manufacturing Equipment Companies and facilitates relationships with overseas resellers, distributors, manufacturers and other interested parties.  We offer resellers and distributors products that may give them a competitive advantage and that may not be available anywhere else.

New Security, Energy, and Manufacturing Solutions

US Korea HotLink showcases and promotes innovative surveillance, communication and detector companies and their products through both offline and online efforts.   Offline initiatives include advertising, trade shows, investor conferences, licensing, OEM and sales channel development. Online generally means efforts surrounding the US Korea HotLink website and other online media marketing efforts.

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Unique Licensing and Sourcing Opportunities

We help manufacturers source extremely high quality, market-specific technical and manufacturing expertise as well as find new OEM and private label solutions.  We provide  licensing opportunities and other specialized ventures in the security technology, energy, and manufacturing automation markets.  Large end-users and government agencies can also purchase  technology products direct or through an established domestic reseller. 

Innovative Yet Proven Products

Our portfolio of companies are selected and certified for participation in the US Korea HotLink program by LPR Global and the South Korea Government's Small Business Corporation.

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